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    Posted By: • On: September 21, 2012 • Category: Videos

    I’ll add photos of Rita at Channel 963 Studios very soon!

    EDIT: I’ve added x26 photos of Rita Ora at the Channel 963 Studious. Most of them are with fans that were lucky enough to meet her! She looks gorgeous, take a look:


    Posted By: • On: September 16, 2012 • Category: Awards

    Rita Ora is nominated for a J-14 Magazine Teen Icon Award in the Iconic Editors Choice category. Make sure to show your support as a Ritabot and to vote for her here.

    The results will be announced in the December issue of the magazine.


    Posted By: • On: September 16, 2012 • Category: Photos

    Sorry for the lack of updates, I was quite busy the last two days. Anyway, I’ve added all the missing photos in the gallery, check them out:

    MTV Unplugged Performance (Airing 17th September!)

    RollaCoaster Photoshoot

    Rita Ora was spotted outside the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

    MTV Photoshoot


    Posted By: • On: September 14, 2012 • Category: Scans

    I’ve added x2 scans from Urban Ink Magazine. Check them out:

    Roc Nation’s Rita Ora and Shady Records’ Slaughterhouse cover the latest issue of Urban Ink magazine. Chocked full of fly females and rare ink, the artists that grace the cover of this tattoo-dedicated magazine are in demand as they’ve ever been. Rita Ora has just dropped her new album, ORA, which features appearances from J. Cole.

    Credit: HipHopWired


    Posted By: • On: September 13, 2012 • Category: Videos

    Yesterday, Rita performed her hits “How We Do” & “Shine Ya Light” on Jimmy Kimmel’s Live show. Check out the amazing performances:

    Unfortunately the “How We Do” video won’t embed, but you can still check it out around Twitter.


    Posted By: • On: September 13, 2012 • Category: Uncategorized

    I’ve added x1 picture from the photoshoot Rita did for Rollercoaster Magazine! Doesn’t she look lovely? Hope we’ll get more photos soon.

    Here is part of the interview:

    Lonely Rita Ora to pour out heartbreak in second album

    Just like her doppelgänger Rihanna, who says she struggles to find love too, the British RiRi is now in the same boat.

    Cutting her links from the Kardashian clan, the R.I.P singer denies she is dating Kim’s brother Robert.

    Instead she said: ‘I’m so lonely. I just want to be in a relationship.’

    Until now, the sex bomb has tried to be upbeat with her chart-topping cuts but now she’s going to pour her heart out on her next record.

    ‘This album, to me, was just about making people feel happy,’ she said.

    ‘I wasn’t going through any kind of heartbreak, so I didn’t want to write about that. But in this next album, I am. I think I’m going through a heartbreak right now.’

    As for constant links to Rob Kardashian, she maintains they are ‘just really good friends’.

    Despite yearning for a fella, she told Rollacoaster magazine: ‘Right now, it wouldn’t be fair to be in a relationship. I don’t have any time; I wouldn’t even want to do that to someone.’
    Rita Ora Read the full interview in Rollacoaster magazine, out Friday

    Her lonely bedtimes echo Rihanna’s singleton moan, who said this year: ‘Single life is so overrated. It sucks.’

    But the 21-year-old is bemused by the endless comparisons to her Barbadian predecessor.

    ‘To tell you the truth, I don’t really care,’ she said, insisting they are just both sisters under Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation.

    ‘My music’s different, we sing differently, we’re from different parts of the world. Plus, we’ve seen each other lots of times and we hang out.

    ‘So if people are trying to create a feud, it’s not going to work. Even if that was the case, Roc [Nation] would be like, “What are you guys doing? You’re part of the same family!”’

    Read the full interview in the latest issue of Rollacoaster, out on Friday.
    Read more.


    Posted By: • On: September 13, 2012 • Category: Candids

    Two days ago (on September 10) while Rita was still in Pristina, she visited her Grandma. I’ve added x26 pictures in the gallery, make sure to check them out:


    Posted By: • On: September 12, 2012 • Category: Uncategorized

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